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Titel: Hotel Placement in Lanzarote in the Entertainment Department
Locatie: Arrecife, Spain
Startdatum: Doorlopende Vacature
Expertise: Tourism
Stagesoort: Stage
Beschrijving: The duration of the placement is scheduled for 2 – 6 months. During the day your...
Titel: Internship At The Bar And Reception Of Our Hostel In Bruges In Belgium
Locatie: Bruges, Belgium
Startdatum: Zo Snel Mogelijk
Expertise: Agricultural Economics
Stagesoort: Stage
Beschrijving: Notice: This position is only for candidates with a European passport.Do you want to...
Titel: Ethical information analyst
Locatie: Geneva, Switzerland
Startdatum: Flexibel
Expertise: Area, Ethnic & Cultural Studies
Stagesoort: Stage
Beschrijving: Covalence offers in-house and distant ethical information analyst internships position...
Titel: German Sales Trainee (Amsterdam)
Locatie: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Startdatum: Flexibel
Expertise: Marketing & Promotion
Stagesoort: Stage
Beschrijving: Task description/responsibilities - Responsible for the turnover by generating and...