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Titel: Web Designer
Locatie: Barcelona, Spain
Startdatum: Flexibel
Stagesoort: Stage
Beschrijving: We are currently looking for students who were awarded by Erasmus Grant or people who...
Titel: Developer
Locatie: Mskala, Malta
Startdatum: Doorlopende Vacature
Expertise: Computer Science & IT
Stagesoort: Stage
Beschrijving: Successful candidates will be developing modules within a rockstar team for between 2...
Titel: New Media Ambassador
Locatie: Bucharest, Romania
Startdatum: Zo Snel Mogelijk
Expertise: Promotion
Stagesoort: Stage
Beschrijving: Type: upaid, online internship Ideal candidate: Searching to learn new things, test...
Titel: Supervisor
Locatie: WISCONSIN DELLS, United States Of America
Startdatum: Zo Snel Mogelijk
Expertise: International Business
Stagesoort: Stage
Beschrijving: A Management position requires ambition and hard work. Hospitality is the most...
Titel: Teaching
Locatie: Kampala, Uganda
Startdatum: Doorlopende Vacature
Expertise: Teacher Training Education
Stagesoort: Stage
Beschrijving: • Teaching/mentoring the kids; we need volunteer teachers in the following thematic...
Titel: Native German Translation intern
Locatie: Swansea, United Kingdom
Startdatum: October 1, 2014
Expertise: Language
Stagesoort: Stage
Beschrijving: I am looking for a native German speaker for an English>German translation internship...
Titel: Business Development
Locatie: Yangon, Myanmar
Startdatum: Zo Snel Mogelijk
Expertise: Marketing & Promotion
Stagesoort: Stage
Beschrijving: Responsible for the business development of core and new business units.
Titel: EC Internships
Locatie: Virtual, United States Of America
Startdatum: Doorlopende Vacature
Expertise: Business Management (Wholesale & Retail)
Stagesoort: Stage
Beschrijving: Our company is an innovative and global e-commerce management consulting company and...
Titel: Assistant
Locatie: Berlin, Germany
Startdatum: Zo Snel Mogelijk
Expertise: Fine Art (Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking)
Stagesoort: Anders
Beschrijving: Looking for Art enthusiast preferably in Surrealism
Titel: Social media intern
Locatie: Any, China
Startdatum: Zo Snel Mogelijk
Expertise: Social Work
Stagesoort: Stage
Beschrijving: this a work from home role for a new tech start up company